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New Way to Enter Rooms – Gun Door Knobs

Gun Door Knobs

Designer Nikita Kovalev might be on to something here with his invention, the bang-bang handle.  Door Knobs - Gun Door Handle 1 – Gun Door Handle

are hard to grip, and a lot of the times slip, especially when you have been eating a nice greasy bag of chips.  Guns are not round and fit in the palm of your hand just like nature intended.  I would assume a burglar might find a different place to rob once they view the door knob.  Since your door could be the first impression of what might also be inside, and the homeowners style, they would steer clear of the area.  Sounds legit to me.

The gun is a 9 mm Makarov, which is a semi-automatic pistol, designed by the soviets in 1948.  Soviet armed forces and law enforcement have been using this type of gun since 1951.

This design consists of 5 gun colors to choose from as seen below.  But from the looks of it, this is only in design phase and has not been available to purchase.  Sorry to disappoint ya! - Gun Door Handle 2 – Gun Door Handle 2


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