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NFL Pigskin Fantasy Playoffs

NFL Fantasy SoDak Playoff Challenge -

Join Now – NFL Pigskin Fantasy Football Playoffs

NFL Fantasy SoDak Playoff Challenge -

NFL Pigskin Fantasy Football Playoffs Challenge

Spots are now open for the 2016-2017 NFL Pigskin Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge.  You will required to create an account with to join.  Cost to join is $10.00 payable to our account. When you join, please use the link to to pay your $10.00.


Group Name: NFL Pigskin Fantasy Playoffs
Group Password: nfl
Link to JOIN GROUP =
Main Group Website:

LeagueSafe Payment Link ($10.00) =


The percentages will be based on the total minus the $10.00 that will go to third place.

First (1) Place = 70%
Second (2) Place = 30%
Third (3) Place = $10.00


Pick Your Players: The object of this game is to pick the NFL players who you think will perform best in their actual NFL playoff games for each weekly scoring period. For each of the four (4) weekly scoring periods, you may pick a total of eight (8) players per period: one (1) quarterback; two (2) running backs; two (2) wide receivers; one (1) tight end; one (1) kicker; and one (1) team defense/special teams from the player roster provided on the SoDak Playoff Challenge Game Page. You may select the same player multiple times during the Promotion Period assuming his team progresses through the playoffs. The players you select for each week will accumulate fantasy points based on the Scoring System below.

The fantasy points accumulated by each player during one (1) weekly scoring period will be multiplied by the number of consecutive weeks in which the player has been on your roster assuming such player’s team progresses through the playoffs. A player can earn bonus point multipliers of 2x, 3x or 4x for a given week based on the number of weeks they were on the fantasy team roster. For example: A user selects Antonio Brown, Pitt in the Wild Card round. Brown earns 15 fantasy points in the first weekly scoring period therefore the participant is awarded 15 points for the first weekly scoring period. If Pitt advances to the Divisional Playoffs and the participant selects to keep Brown on his/her roster for the second consecutive weekly scoring period, and Brown earns 20 fantasy points in his Divisional Playoff game, the participant will earn 40 points for the second consecutive weekly scoring period (20 x 2 = 40). Those 40 points will be added to the 15 points earned in the first weekly scoring period for a two-week total of 55 points (15 + 40 = 55). In addition, a user can select Tom Brady, NE in the Wild Card round even if the New England Patriots have a bye into the Divisional Round. In this case, the user would not earn any points for the Wild Card round, but would then be eligible to earn “double points” in the Divisional round, since Brady was on the team’s roster for 2 weekly scoring periods.

Scoring System

Offense Statistic (QB, RB, WR, TE, K): Fantasy Points:
Rushing or Receiving Touchdown: 6 fantasy points
Fumble Recovery Touchdown: 6 fantasy points
Passing Touchdown: 4 fantasy points
Field Goal Made 0-49 yards: 3 fantasy points
Field Goal Made 50+ yards: 5 fantasy points
Passing, Rushing or Receiving Two-Point Conversion: 2 fantasy points
Rushing or Receiving: 1 fantasy point per 10 yards
Passing: 1 fantasy point per 25 yards
Extra Point: 1 fantasy point
Fumble Lost: -2 fantasy points
Interception: -2 fantasy points
Defense/Special Teams (D/ST): Fantasy Points:
Punt Return Touchdown: 6 fantasy points
Kickoff Return Touchdown: 6 fantasy points
Fumble Return Touchdown: 6 fantasy points
Interception Return Touchdown: 6 fantasy points
Interception: 2 fantasy points
Fumble Recovery: 2 fantasy points
Safety: 2 fantasy points
Sack: 1 fantasy point
Allowing 0 Points: 10 fantasy points
Allowing 1-6 Points: 7 fantasy points
Allowing 7-13 Points: 4 fantasy points
Allowing 14-20 Points: 1 fantasy points
Allowing 21-27 Points: 0 fantasy point
Allowing 28-34 Points: -1 fantasy points
Allowing 35+ Points: -4 fantasy points
Team Win 5 fantasy points

How To Play

How To Play - NFL Pigskin Fantasy Football

How To Play – NFL Pigskin Fantasy Football


Four Legal Ways You Can Stay on Verizons Unlimited Data Plan

How to Still Get Verizons Unlimited Data at

This is How You Can Stay on Verizon‘s Unlimited Data Plan

By: Corey Geier

How to Still Get Verizons Unlimited Data at

How to Still Get Verizons Unlimited Data at

So do you want to keep your Verizon unlimited data plan?  If you are one of the lucky people out there that has a account with Verizon that includes the unlimited data plan, then I am sure you are like me and are looking to do whatever you can to not get rid of it!  I have personally tried these options and they do work!  Now rumors are always spreading, and how its going away, or you will not be able to renew.  Currently no matter what anybody else says, you still have ways to keep your Verizon unlimited data plan.  I bet a bunch of you have upgrades available on Verizon ever since the cutoff date when unlimited data was no longer available.  I can remember all my friends flocking to the stores to get there last deal in, and everybody getting the “Charge” since it was one of the first “4G” smartphones on the market.  So now if you sign up for a new two year plan with a subsidized phone you will lose the unlimited data option, so instead you are stuck buying your new or used phones outright in order to keep your unlimited data.

I have been doing some research online along with speaking to some of the local phone reps in the area and I have verified that there are ways for people with unlimited data that would like to get a new phone for the discounted rate. With my research, there are many places out in the internet that lists ways to keep your unlimited plan, and I am going to summarize them for you.   Many new phones are going to be hitting the market soon and over the holidays so now is the time to start to prepare.  With some of the new phones that are going to be released like Apples two iPhone 5c & 5s, Blackberry’s High powered  Z30, and Samsung’s Screaming Fast S5 models launching, it might be a good time to lay it out for everybody.

NOTE:  It would be best if you would not go to a Verizon Corporate Store, as they might have more strict rules on upgrades and policy’s, so it would be best to seek out a third party like Best Buy, TargetWalmart  or some of the local chains in order to guarantee you get it done right.

Not including the first option, but all the rest you are going to have to use Verizon’s Family Plans or AKA Buddy Plan upgrades, I have read that this loophole is possible. Essentially all you need is a line on your account that DOES have unlimited data and you’re set! There are four scenarios you could be in if you still have unlimited data.

Option 1

This is the easiest and most used option, and this would be to purchase yourself a new phone and face value, sometimes costing well over $500.  But this insures you do not have to sign a new contract, so you will be able to keep your current plan with the unlimited data.  (this option would also work by purchasing a used phone that is sold to you legally unlocked, and not tied to a current plan.)

Option 2

You are the only person on your account

Verizon High Speed Internet

Verizon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this scenario, you are the sole person on your account and you have unlimited data. The only way you can get by it is to add a line to your account. If you have unlimited, then you are on the old nationwide plans and you can add a line for $10 a month (You will have to change your plan to a family plan which may cost more depending on how many minutes you currently pay for). The way to make it the cheapest is to get a basic phone (It doesn’t even have to work). All you have to do is upgrade that line you just added to the phone you want. When its done, activate the old basic phone and the new phone you just added to your account becomes a phone you own. Then just activate that new phone on your line. It is the same concept as buying a phone on craigslist. Then you’re done. You have a second line thats only costing you $10 a month. When you upgrade in the future, you can donate the upgrade on your line to that new line and repeat the process. You will get an extra upgrade and keep your unlimited until Verizon finds a way to block it.

Option 3

You are on a family plan and everyone on that account has unlimited data

In this scenario, you have two options. You can either add another line for $10 a month and repeat the same process as listed above (Which I recommend because then everyone keeps their unlimited) or you can pick one of the lines that doesn’t need unlimited and donate your upgrade to that line. That line will lose unlimited, but once you pull the new phone off and put theirs back on, you can activate the new one on your line and you can keep using your unlimited. From then on out, simply give the upgrades on the lines that have unlimited to the one line that now doesn’t. Upgrade to the phone you want, and swap the devices.

Option 4

You are on a family plan and someone on the account doesn’t have unlimited data

The final scenario is the easiest to perform and also the one that I have used throughout the last few years, when I had the upgrade option available on other phones in my Family Plan.  This also doesn’t cost any extra to you. Donate your upgrade to that line (s)  without unlimited data, and once it is activated put the old phone back on that line. Then take the new phone and activate it under your line and enjoy your unlimited data.

I hope this can help at least a few people out there. I wanted to let everybody know that I could so with the few free options or one of the $10 extra a month options, it is hard to beat considering you get two upgrades for yourself now and you get to keep your unlimited data. Please share with us in the comments below any of your stories you had trying to keep your unlimited plan.


Obama REMIX – Daft Punk Get Lucky

Get Lucky by Obama

Obama singing Get Lucky by Daft Punk.  Now who ever did this, it sure took alot of work!  But it was some awesome work, and all the words match up!  Not to mention its a good song!  Enjoy.

Daft Punk Get Lucky featuring Pharrell Williams Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Like the legend of the phoenix
All ends with beginnings
What keeps the planet spinning
The force from the beginning

We’ve come too far to give up who we are
So let’s raise the bar and our cups to the stars

She’s up all night ’til the sun
I’m up all? night to get some
She’s up all night for good fun
I’m up all night to get lucky
We’re up all night ’til the sun
We’re up all? night to get some
We’re up all night for good fun
We’re up all night to get lucky

We’re up all night to get lucky (x4)

Complete lyrics:

PDFZilla Version 3 Free Time-limited Giveaway

PDFzilla Version 3 -

PDFZilla Version 3 Free Time-limited Giveaway

By: Corey Geier – PDFZilla Version 3 Free Time-limited Giveaway. Normal price is $49.00 so it is a good savings.  I have used this program before, and it works pretty slick.  Its nice to get this for free, so take advantage of the offer while you can.  It will save you just about $50 bucks.  And this is always a good program to have.  Most people don’t need it much, but when it comes time to convert a file to PDF, it will be nice and quick.

PDFzilla Version 3 -

PDFzilla Version 3 –


Giveaway Serial Code: 7GR568YEOD4U46W

  • Powerful PDF To Word Converter – PDFZilla
  • Editable – Edit Your PDF Documents In MS Word!
  • Easily – Convert PDF To Word Document Just In Only 3 Clicks.
  • High Quality – Convert PDF To Word with ALL text and Graphical Data.
  • Page Selection – Convert Selected Pages of PDF File To Word document.
  • Over 20 Languages Supported – Besides English, PDFZilla Also supports German, French, Spanish, Italian and all Unicode Language PDF Files.
  • Batch Mode – Convert 1,000+ PDF Files in Bulk.

Output – PDF To: MS Word(*.DOC), MS Excel(*.XLS), Plain Text(*.txt), Rich Text(*.RTF), JPEG(*.JPG), GIF(*.GIF), PNG(*.PNG), TIFF(*.TIF), Bitmap(*.BMP), Flash(*.SWF), Webpage(*.HTML).

Create – Image To PDF: JPEG(*.JPG), GIF(*.GIF), PNG(*.PNG), TIFF(*.TIF), Bitmap(*.BMP), Photoshop(*.PSD), Icon(*.ico), PPM(*.PPM), TGA(*.tga).

New PDFZilla Version 3 Time-limited Giveaway.


Blackberry Bold 9930 Device Update Version 7.1.0 Bundle 2705

Bold 9930 Version 7.1.0 Bundle 2705 – I just got notification on my phone that update Version 7.1.0 Bundle 2705 is available. I tried Blackberry Desktop Manager and it did not find the update. I also searched the internet and it is not listed anywhere, and also did not find it on Verizon. - Bold 9930_Version7.1.0 Bundle 2705 – Bold 9930_Version7.1.0 Bundle 2705


How to Clean and Patch Your Crack! - Clean And Patching Your Crack

Clean and Patch Your Crack

I was researching the internet on the best way to seal the cracks in my cement. Not the plumbers crack, but that should be cleaned also. Then I came along this video and I could not stop laughing. If your mind wanders like mine, then you will get some good laughs out of it just like me. Keep in mind this is a real video created to sell CrackStix, which even makes it funnier. I added in a few comments to even spice it up a bit more.

Thanks to Dalton Enterprises for providing the video on how to use there product CrackStix.

New Way to Enter Rooms – Gun Door Knobs - Gun Door Handle

Gun Door Knobs

Designer Nikita Kovalev might be on to something here with his invention, the bang-bang handle.  Door Knobs - Gun Door Handle 1 – Gun Door Handle

are hard to grip, and a lot of the times slip, especially when you have been eating a nice greasy bag of chips.  Guns are not round and fit in the palm of your hand just like nature intended.  I would assume a burglar might find a different place to rob once they view the door knob.  Since your door could be the first impression of what might also be inside, and the homeowners style, they would steer clear of the area.  Sounds legit to me.

The gun is a 9 mm Makarov, which is a semi-automatic pistol, designed by the soviets in 1948.  Soviet armed forces and law enforcement have been using this type of gun since 1951.

This design consists of 5 gun colors to choose from as seen below.  But from the looks of it, this is only in design phase and has not been available to purchase.  Sorry to disappoint ya! - Gun Door Handle 2 – Gun Door Handle 2

What a goal by the Kings with 10 seconds

What a goal by the Kings with 10 seconds left to go into OT vs Blackhawks! #NHLPlayoffs

Pre-Live Website Checklist

website ideas

Pre Live Website CheckList

This is the checklist of things to accomplish before you go live with yhour website. Make sure its not a rush, take your time and get things right!

Step 1 – Before Going Live
Step Order Area Task Completed
1 1 Settings Verify all site pages and elements display properly on Chrome, Firefox, IE (multiple versions), Safari, Opera, Mobile Safari, Android, etc. Most importantly, test while logged out. Secondly, test all scenarios while logged in, both the front-end and the back-end. (do this again as the very last step)
1 1 Settings Verify favicon displays on IE (might need .ico version) and non-IE browsers
1 2 Communications Receive Client approval of site design concept, moving forward toward finalizing/publishing. As appropriate, initiate change orders (i.e. charge more for feature-creep)
1 2 Settings Take backup before proceeding to finalize
1 3 SEO Create needed categories and tags, including Description text for each
1 3 Settings Change default category from “Uncategorized” to something else (e.g. “News”)
1 3 SEO Confirm SEO plugin’s settings per tag and category
1 4 SEO Create archive-, tag-, and category-specific layouts/pages
1 5 Settings Change the author of all posts, pages, and CPTs to be authored by the Client’s User(s), not your own Administrator User
1 6 Themes Review items in the WordPress Theme Development Checklist

My Home Office Six Monitor Stand Setup - 6-Monitor-Stand

Home Office Six Monitor Stand Setup by EasyMountLCD

By: Corey Geier

I am working on the new setup for my home office. I currently have four 24 inch monitors running 1920 X 1200 resolution.  I think I might have to replace out the bottom row, they are LCD and boy do they run HOT!  Keeps the basement warm in winter that’s for sure.  The LED on top is nice an cool.


EasyMountLCD – Deluxe Hex Monitor Stand Free Standing Supports up to 6 28″

After lots of research and sitting on the fence I ended up getting the Deluxe Hex Monitor Stand Free Standing by EasyMountLCD from  I have 4 LCD monitors 3 Dell 2408WFP Monitors, 1 Gatewayand 1 HP LA2405x LED montior 1I was very impressed with the sturdyness of this mount, and it is very heavy.  It does sit on my desk, but I am not worried with it falling over.  I do only have 5 montiors on now, because it turns out my Samsung 24″ is not the VESA standard.  So I have an open spot for now.  I did turn my top left monitor sideways so it allows me to see the TV behind it better.  🙂 - EasyMountLCD Deluxe Hex Monitor Stand Free Standing Supports up to 6 28" – EasyMountLCD Deluxe Hex Monitor Stand Free Standing Supports up to 6 28″

Product Features

  • Holds some monitors up to 6 27″/28″
  • VESA 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm Compatible
  • Mounting heads rotate 360 degrees, tilt up/down 180 degrees, swivel left/right 180 degrees
  • Height Adjustable
  • With A Heavy-Weighted Metal Base. Also Can Be Bolted, Easy To InstallTechnical Details

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: EasyMountLCD
  • Model: 002-0023
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Color Name: BLACK - 6-Monitor-Stand Home Office Setup – 6-Monitor-Stand Home Office Setup - 6-Monitor-Stand 2 setup for home office – 6-Monitor-Stand 2 Setup for home office