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What Should You Name Your Fantasy Football Team?

What Should You Name Your Fantasy Football Team -

What Should You Name Your Fantasy Football Team?

There are plenty of clever puns you can come up with. Most people like to name the team after part of the players name. Aaron Hernandez is a person used recently. Two highlights include “Aaron Hernancuffs” or “Aaron Hernandez Hit Men”. Offend at your own risk.  Fantasy players will need a rainbow sized miracle to get Dwayne Bowe to perform big this year. “Somewhere over the Dwayne Bowe”  Maybe we just need to “Jurassic Punt” this topic. 🙂

1990’s Cartoon Names

Many fantasy football players today grew up watching hit 1990’s cartoon. Throw it back to these shows with some funny team names.

1990’s Kid Show Names:

  • Ahh! Real Marshalls (Brandon Marshall)
  • Kenan & Kellen Winslow
  • Hey! Aaron (Aaron Rodgers)

What Should You Name Your Fantasy Football Team?

What Should You Name Your Fantasy Football Team -

What Should You Name Your Fantasy Football Team –


Wildly Inappropriate Kids’ Clothing

Wildly Inappropriate Kids' Clothing -

Wildly Inappropriate Kids’ Clothing

You won’t believe the horribly inappropriate kids’ clothing that actually made it to shelves. What were the designers behind these clothing items thinking, and who would ever buy them?

Kid’s Fisting Tee

Would you dress your kid in any of these wildly inappropriate children’s clothes?

Click To See All The Wildly Inappropriate Kids’ Clothing

Wildly Inappropriate Kids' Clothing -

Wildly Inappropriate Kids’ Clothing –

20 Jokes

Diet Joke -

20 Jokes to Start Your Day

Diet Joke -




If you like dry humor you will really love these! They should bring a smile to your face.

20 Great Jokes @

20 Great Jokes @


Did She Really Just Say That?

Did You Really Just Say That? -

FAIL – She Really DID Just Say That!

Are you kidding me? Yes this news anchor really said this on national TV.

‘Ho Lee Fuk’ Someone (who might no longer have a job) pranked San Francisco TV station into reporting fabricated names of Asiana pilots!

A Fox affiliate, the San Francisco powerhouse station KTVU, is dealing with the fallout of a major error on Friday. During their noon broadcast, a report on the deadly Asiana Airlines crash took a turn for the unintentionally offensive when they broadcast the names of pilots in charge of that flight. The mangled Asian-sounding names were, in fact, thinly-disguised expletives mocking the sentiments expressed by the crash victims and their families.

The supposed names of the crash victims broadcast on KTVU included “Sum Ting Wong,” “Ho Lee Fuk,” and “Bang Ding Ow.”

A KTVU anchor later apologized for the error. She said that the names were inaccurate in spite of the fact that a National Transpiration Safety Board spokesperson confirming them.


How to Clean and Patch Your Crack! - Clean And Patching Your Crack

Clean and Patch Your Crack

I was researching the internet on the best way to seal the cracks in my cement. Not the plumbers crack, but that should be cleaned also. Then I came along this video and I could not stop laughing. If your mind wanders like mine, then you will get some good laughs out of it just like me. Keep in mind this is a real video created to sell CrackStix, which even makes it funnier. I added in a few comments to even spice it up a bit more.

Thanks to Dalton Enterprises for providing the video on how to use there product CrackStix.


I Just SHIPPED my PANTS!  For Free!

I just SHIPPED my PANTS! N I did it for FREE! Heck Ship your Drawers, Nighty and Bed while your at it!

#ShipMyPants - Shipped My Pants For Free!

Watch Video Here!