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Pre-Live Website Checklist

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Pre Live Website CheckList

This is the checklist of things to accomplish before you go live with yhour website. Make sure its not a rush, take your time and get things right!

Step 1 – Before Going Live
Step Order Area Task Completed
1 1 Settings Verify all site pages and elements display properly on Chrome, Firefox, IE (multiple versions), Safari, Opera, Mobile Safari, Android, etc. Most importantly, test while logged out. Secondly, test all scenarios while logged in, both the front-end and the back-end. (do this again as the very last step)
1 1 Settings Verify favicon displays on IE (might need .ico version) and non-IE browsers
1 2 Communications Receive Client approval of site design concept, moving forward toward finalizing/publishing. As appropriate, initiate change orders (i.e. charge more for feature-creep)
1 2 Settings Take backup before proceeding to finalize
1 3 SEO Create needed categories and tags, including Description text for each
1 3 Settings Change default category from “Uncategorized” to something else (e.g. “News”)
1 3 SEO Confirm SEO plugin’s settings per tag and category
1 4 SEO Create archive-, tag-, and category-specific layouts/pages
1 5 Settings Change the author of all posts, pages, and CPTs to be authored by the Client’s User(s), not your own Administrator User
1 6 Themes Review items in the WordPress Theme Development Checklist

Tip Of Day – Google+ Profile & Google Authorship = Search Advantage

Google Authorship

Tip Of Day –  Google+ Profile & Google Authorship = Search Advantage

Google Authorship GmaNsWolrD.comAre you the one responsible for a blog?  Do you contribute to a blog?  Do you meet and exceed the rules for SEO, title, description, social media, keywords, proper post times, responding to followers, promotion and have every meta tag primed for success, but not getting ranked high in search?

You could still me missing out on a very important component on your blog or website that could help increase profits, search results, clicks, credibility “cred” if you don’t have a Google+ profile that is connected to your blog and blog posts.  What is this called?  Google Authorship is the key to give your blog a hidden advantage in search results.

Why do I need a Google+ Profile and Google Authorship?

Google Authorship displays your name and picture on the Google search results page alongside content you wrote.    It allows people to find out more about the author behind the articles and engage with them directly.  Google constantly improves the way authorship annotations look in search, you are included into Google News, which makes authors really excited about getting more visibility and all users will benefit from seeing the name, photo and way to connect with the person who created the content they are reading.

Good for authors like you

  • New! See analytics for your content in search.
  • Distinguish and validate your content in search results.
  • Get more followers on Google+.
  • Help readers discover your other content on the web.

Good for the web

  • Help users find high quality content on the web.
  • Empower them to engage with content authors through Google+.

A Google+ profile can increase clicks.

  • If you have not already seen the most compelling argument for Google Authorship is the rich snippet (including your headshot) appearing in search results, as you see in these examples.
  • Since Google+ is a division of Google, means the they pay a lot of attention to the +1’s on articles
  • They also pay attention to your Google+ profile, so double-check that you have a complete Google+ profile and it connects to all your articles or blogs to help rank higher in the search results.
  • Again+1s and other “votes” for a writer’s work help increase your rankings.

How do I get setup to link to the content I create?

  1. Sign up for Google+ and create a Google+ profile.
  2. Make sure you have a profile photo with a recognizable headshot.
  3. Make sure a byline containing your name appears on each page of your content (for example, “By Steven Levy”).
  4. Make sure your byline name matches the name on your Google+ profile.
  5. Verify you have an email address (such as on the same domain as your content. (Don’t have an email address on the same domain? Use this method to link your content to your Google+ profile)
  6. Return to this page and enter your email address.


How to set up Google Authorship and connect your Google+ profile to your posts 

CoreyGmaN Google Authorship GmaNsWorlD

Show Google where your work can be found.

To help your Google+ profile picture pop up next to your posts in search results, make sure Google knows who you are and where you publish. Edit your Google+ profile to add the websites you contribute to, and your other online profiles.

If you have an email address at the same domain where you publish your articles, you can sign up for Google Authorship verification. This is by far the fastest way to link your posts to your Google+ profile.

If you don’t have an email for the domains where you publish, no fear – there’s a link on the authorship page that takes you to another method for linking your online publications and your Google+ profile.

Don’t forget the most important thing: Content quality

If you really want your articles – and your website – to rank high in search results, you must write high-quality content that people read, comment on and share in social media. But you knew that already.