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How to Clean and Patch Your Crack! - Clean And Patching Your Crack

Clean and Patch Your Crack

I was researching the internet on the best way to seal the cracks in my cement. Not the plumbers crack, but that should be cleaned also. Then I came along this video and I could not stop laughing. If your mind wanders like mine, then you will get some good laughs out of it just like me. Keep in mind this is a real video created to sell CrackStix, which even makes it funnier. I added in a few comments to even spice it up a bit more.

Thanks to Dalton Enterprises for providing the video on how to use there product CrackStix.



I Just SHIPPED my PANTS!  For Free!

I just SHIPPED my PANTS! N I did it for FREE! Heck Ship your Drawers, Nighty and Bed while your at it!

#ShipMyPants - Shipped My Pants For Free!

Watch Video Here!